Robert L. Cunningham, War Photographer
People of Afghanistan Armed Forces Leica Monochrom




Editorial Reviews

“The US military presence in nomadic Afghanistan represents the world’s most advanced weaponry and technology, placed in the hands of highly trained volunteer soldiers from every corner of hyperindustrialized America—it’s an absurdly asymmetrical, discomforting experience for both Afghans and Americans. This searing collection of photos was culled from the 65,000 that Robert Cunningham shot during the 145 missions he took part in. Beyond the high tension of combat, it’s the day-to-day trivialities of troop life—chow lines, religious services, kicking around a soccer ball—that lift this book to rare heights.”

"It’s a book that will enthrall readers from the first page to the last image and cause them to start all over again."
—A Soldier's Perspective

"An extraordinary book on our fighting forces in Afghanistan..."
—Canada Free Press

About the Co-Author

Steven Hartov is the former editor-in-chief of Special Operations Report and co-author of the New York Times best sellers In the Company of Heroes and The Night Stalkers. His trilogy of espionage novels, The Heat of Ramadan, The Nylon Hand of God, and The Devil's Shepherd, earned nominations for the National Book Award, top ten placements in the Book of the Month Club, and translations into 6 foreign languages. His works are recommended readings by the U.S. Army War College. He currently lives in New Jersey.


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